Coastal Living Magazine Article – Issue October 2013

To decorate the space, Stockley teamed up with longtime friend Michelle Burgess, who runs an eponymous interior design practice on Bainbridge Island and has known Stockley since the two were teenagers. Being intimately aware of how meaningful the location is to Stockley, Burgess wanted the decor to reflect the essential elements of both the town and the friend she knows so well. The starting point was a limestone fireplace surround from 18th-century France, which the friends flew to Carmel, California, to purchase….READ MORE

Cottage Style – Issue 3/2014

Nestled into an acre of rolling countryside, less than a mile from beaches that offer panoramic views of Seattle from across Puget Sound…A designer plays up Arts & Crafts coziness to create a vibe where home and family function as a cheerful unit…READ MORE

Pacific NW Magazine - August 7, 2015

This contemporary cabin, across from a Marrowstone Island oyster farm, goes both ways; nautical one side, deep woods the other. It was guided to colorful completion by interior designer Michelle Burgess...READ MORE

Seattle Times - March 6, 2015

Bainbridge Island beach house remade to be light, bright and comfortable
The whole transformation was practically "presto-chango."  Architectural alterations topped off with a complete redressing of the interiors in 90 days from interior designer Michelle Burgess....READ MORE

Sunset Magazine

A family mixes the nostalgia of summer camp with the vibe of a city loft for a one-of-a-kind vacation home...Although the cedar and galvanized metal exterior give the home an industrial look, Kristin and David Hall were adamant that the interiors embrace color. Architectural interior designer Michelle Burgess ( let loose with a palette of tomato red, deep turquoise, and bright green...READ MORE.

Seattle Times - Dec 18, 2015

Bainbridge naval office is turned into a perfect country home. A Christmas-loving couple finished the job two previous owners had started, creating a beautiful family home out of a 10,000-square-foot former Navy administration office...READ MORE